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In Divorciola We help families that go through a child custody process for different situations and there is no way of conciliation, so it is best to have a child custody lawyer or a family lawyer in Los Angeles, since these situations are very difficult and complicated where the most affected are the children and children who go through processes of indecision by not knowing who to live with, suffering that causes them a lot of emotional instability; They are not guilty of the irreparable situation and the only viable way is to have lawyers for child custody and thus obtain a Legal Custody in Los Angeles.

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In a Child Custody Legal Process in California the Judge will always be focused on the welfare of the children

The legal processes in which the custody of a child is discussed are quite stressful, for the parents and most of all for the children.

Because sadly, they are in the middle of this whole situation; that in reality, what they would like the most is for their parents to have better communication and thus help them to develop and overcome the trauma of separation. The court always tries to take the parents to a mediation process, it means that it tries to settle in a peaceful way. The purpose of this mediation is to try to resolve this situation for the welfare of the children. If both parents reach a mutual agreement regarding custody of the children, for the children, this whole process will be much more enjoyable. Unfortunately, an agreement between the parties is not always within the family’s possibilities. Many parents believe they know what is best for their children, and they focus on proving their point of view while forgetting about the rights of the other parent or the true best interests of the child. And without realizing that they hurt their own children while focusing on protecting them. To prevent all this from happening, the Judge acts partially; protecting the interests of the children and relying on the facts presented about the case. The Family Court Judge, hand in hand with all the organizations that protect children in California, look out for the interests of children, and grant custody of them to the father who proves to be the most appropriate for their care and teaching. That is why Rikisha D. Thomas & Marcus Gomez are here to listen to you to understand the situation in which you are involved.

How Can I Prove That Custody Of A Child For Me Is Best For My Children?

The first thing to keep in mind is that when requesting custody of the children you are based on their interests and not yours. For child custody to be awarded to you, you must show that you are truly the best person to take care of them. Proving that you are a responsible parent and that you do not neglect your children is not complicated at all. If you are involved in the development of the child, it will be easy for you to take evidence to support your statement. You must have evidence such as: Photos that show that the refrigerator is full of food; photos of entertainment (cinema, chuck-e-cheese, park, sport, beach or other activities), school, photos of events where you are actively involved in school, letters showing that you are taking them to the doctor, letters of recommendation from your work, letters from people who know you and know that you are fully involved in the development of your children, classes.

What Things Can Prevent Me From Having Custody Of My Children In California?

If you are a responsible parent or are at least willing to do it for the well-being of your children, you will not have much to worry about. You should always be aware of their care, needs and act thinking about what is best for the children. Otherwise, the judge will not approve of the children being in your care. A judge can deciding that you are not the right person to care for your children if neglect, mistreat him physically, verbally, or emotionally, you have a history criminal; or commit inappropriate acts in their presence, such as drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, or consuming other narcotic substances.

How Do Courts Decide Who Will Have Custody of Children in California?

The Family Judge will make the decision about the custody of the children, the father or the mother who shows that they have the best conditions so that the children can develop in the best possible way. Because for the simple fact that their parents are separated, it is already a suffering for them.

It is not always entirely necessary to have an income greater than that of the other parent for custody of a child to be awarded in California. While it is true that money can help you give your children a better quality of life, this will not help if as a parent you are not fully committed to providing homework at school, visits to the doctor, sports activities, or any activity that your child enjoys and helps him navigate his life. There are many factors that, although they may seem simple, weigh enormously in the judge’s decision about which parent should care for and make important decisions for a minor.

Marcus Gomez and his associates are here to help you bring in front of the Judge the necessary evidence where you are going to show that you meet the conditions to have your children.

How do I prove that I am qualified to have custody of my children?

For this, there are courses in California such as Our Children First and Co-Parenting. They are mostly short, but the information is quite focused, so that you can learn to act based on the best interests for your children. Additionally, if you have a behavioral problem or have promoted an act of domestic violence against someone in the past, it will be necessary for you to take the Batterer’s Intervention Program, to prove to the Judge that you are now able to properly manage your behavior. . Finally, it is It is essential that you always allow children to have contact with their other parent; Unless it is really detrimental to your well-being. Both the children and the other parent have the right to see each other and spend time together, and you cannot object to that. Unless the other parent hurts the child physically, verbally, or emotionally. If this does not happen, both parents should put their differences aside and cooperate with each other so that the children have frequent contact with both, and make this whole process much more calm and bearable for them.

Do You Think You Are Ready To Request or Modify Custody of Your Children in California?

If you want to open a new case or modify the custody of your children in an existing case, it is best to hire a highly trained attorney to help you with the process. Call Vincent E. Neuman and his associates right now and schedule your appointment with us! We are more than

willing to listen to the truth of your family situation.

Establishment of Paternity

During a divorce or legal separation process in which the parents were married when they had their children, there is no doubt that both parents share the same responsibility for the children, and the court will make decisions about them since both parties consider themselves the legal parents of the children, so paternity is automatically recognized in most of these cases. However, in the event that a couple who were never married but had children separates, the paternity of their children must be established legally Establishing paternity means that the legal parents of the child must be established by a court order or the signing of an official declaration of paternity. If the parents of a child were not married when the mother became pregnant or when the child was born, the child does not have a legal father until paternity is established. Therefore, although the father can prove that he is the biological father of the child, if he was never married to the mother, he does not legally have any rights or responsibilities to the child. For this, it is necessary to legally establish paternity. If separation occurs, it is necessary to go through the process of establishing paternity, otherwise the court will make the decisions about custody, visitation or child support. Either parent can apply for child support or custody and visitation orders as part of a case establishing the paternity of the child.

Custody and Visits

It involves the determination of the residence, protection, care and education of children in a divorce or separation process. The child custody mediation process gives parents the opportunity to resolve their differences and disagreements about a parenting plan for their children. In this process, parents will have the help of an attorney to resolve any disagreements they may have. If the process is successful, the attorney will help you work out an agreement between both parents and a parenting plan that can become the established custody and visitation order once the judge approves it in court. The main goal of mediation is to help parents develop a parenting plan devised in the best interest and benefit of the children, offering them equal opportunities to spend time with both parents.

However, the court can decide for the parents if they cannot agree on a parenting plan for their children, as it is in the «best interest and benefit of the child.» During the process of dissolving a marriage or legal separation, custody and visitation orders can be requested by either parent if they are unable to develop or work on a parenting plan and visitation schedule. In this process, the court will determine which parent will have legal and physical custody of the children. Legal Custody determines which parent will make decisions about health, education and, in general, everything related to the welfare of children.

Physical Custody decides which parent the children will live with. The court will also establish the most appropriate visiting hours for the non-custodial parent, as it is a legal rule and public policy of this institution to ensure that children spend sufficient time with both parents.

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