(213) 884-2366 We have divorce attorneys in Los Angeles specialized in family cases who make these processes easier and get to finalize your Divorce. Our expert divorce attorneys have been working with the community to resolve this difficult situation in Los Angeles.

Divorce Attorneys in Los Angeles. Call Now! (213)884-2366
Divorce Attorneys in Los Angeles. Call Now! (213)884-2366
Divorce Attorneys in Los Angeles. Call Now! (213)884-2366
Divorce Attorneys in Los Angeles. Call Now! (213)884-2366

Are You In The Process Of Divorce And Looking For Divorce Lawyers In Los Angeles?

Call now for your appointment and schedule your evaluation with one of our divorce attorneys for free in Los Angeles. We have been working with the community to solve this difficult situation.

In Divorciola we help families that go through a divorce process for different situations and there is no longer any form of reconciliation is better to have Divorce Lawyers or a Family Lawyer in Los Angeles, as this is a very difficult and complicated situation, where the first to be affected are the children, as they go through processes of depression or suffering without being guilty that their home has been broken and the only viable way out is divorce.


Family is the foundation of every person, At Divorciola we fervently believe in this statement and we put at your disposal the most professional team of Family Lawyers in Los Angeles. It is vitally important to have a consummate expert with the necessary knowledge in Family Law to ensure the well-being of you and your children. We have been supporting families in our community for over 40 years with bilingual family lawyers in California.

Divorce proceedings are different for each case, and depend a lot on the cooperation of the parties involved, our goal is to streamline these processes, so that both sides get a fair and beneficial agreement for all members of their family and for themselves.our Los Angeles Divorce lawyers are specialists and you can always count on them.

If a person seeks to protect themselves from harm, the best option is to request a restraining order, this order can be requested for a variety of reasons, the most common being in domestic violence cases. Having a skilled and experienced attorney is vital. in any situation our Los Angeles Restraining Order Lawyers will be able to defend your rights in court.

Child support is money that one parent pays to the other to provide financial support for their children and to help the other parent with the cost of childcare. We highly recommend that you contact one of our experienced family law attorney in Los Angeles to help you through the entire process and make sure you benefit.

When it comes to fighting for the custody of a child, you should proceed in the most comfortable way for the child as possible, since this decision will depend on their well-being and growth, it is desirable that both parties reach an amicable agreement so that there is the least emotional impact on children.

The Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is a Los Angeles County government agency, and its job is to investigate child welfare and allegations of abuse, foster care and adoption. It is important that you seek the advice and support of an attorney experienced in DCFS.

Having one of our Family Lawyers in Los Angeles is your best option to get the best outcome in your process. We will defend your rights in court and will always seek to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

What People are Saying


«Thanks to Divorciola I was able to get out of a stage of my life that was harmful to me, but with their help, the process was much more bearable and I was finally able to get the peace I needed for my children»

Claudia Ramirez

Los Angeles, CA

«I was going through a difficult period with a lot of worries, but thanks to the Los Angeles divorce lawyers at Divorciola, I was able to complete the process with flying colors they also spoke Spanish so I felt represented.»

Kevin Colmenares

San Bernardino, CA

«At first I confess that I was terrified of the consequences if I divorced my partner. But I decided to put myself in the hands of professionals, and they knew how to find the best outcome for me. I am very grateful»

Mary Santana

Riverside, CA

Practice Areas

Relying on one of our Los Angeles family law attorneys will help you handle your case in a trustworthy and professional way. Our attorneys have over 40 years of experience in family law resolving cases of Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Separation of Property, Restraining Orders and much more, leave your safety in capable hands and get the peace that you and your family need.



We offer a wide range of services to meet your legal requirements in all situations. Our Los Angeles family law attorneys have the skills to cover all possible areas of a case.


We always make sure to create positive experiences with our clients, no matter the magnitude or difficulty of their case, thanks to our commitment to address their concerns, we also speak Spanish for the convenience of our customers.


Our team of attorneys has the experience and skill to defend you in court in all required areas. You can count on our Los Angeles family lawyers to help you defend your rights and seek the best results for your family.

Free Consultation

In order to offer you an unbeatable service, we put at your disposal a telephone number so you can make a free consultation and tell us your case, do not hesitate to contact our team of specialists to help in your case.

Things You Should Know Before You Get Married

A marriage is an open contract between two people in which there are no restrictions whatsoever; and, when we are in love, we accept to sign it without even thinking about the conditions. It happens that, many times situations arise in which one of the two people (or both) breaks this contract, and opens the way to a lot of problems, both sentimental and legal, for the people involved in the relationship.

You should know that the only way to dissolve the marriage is through a legal process of dissolution of marriage. That is, of course, unless it is an ecclesiastical marriage. But if you decided to get married through a civil ceremony, you will have to dissolve your marriage through a civil process. In turn, dissolving the marriage will bring with it a lot of problems if both parties are not able to reach a mutual agreement before the separation.

To help you solve all these problems that come along with the divorce, Rikisha D. Thomas & Robert Doble offer you their services of legal advice and attention; in order to make this whole process faster and smoother for you and your family.

Distribution of Assets

Always remember that everything you obtain within the marriage will be part of both, unless it is a gift or inheritance for only one of the people, therefore, at the time of divorce, they must be shared equally.


If there are children conceived in or out of wedlock, unless the people who are getting divorced come to an agreement regarding their custody and general situation, both parties should discuss these issues before a Judge before they are fully divorced.

Other Problems Arising from Divorce

The above topics are not all the problems that may arise during the dissolution of the marriage. Things like the behavior of the husband or wife also play a role, as well as problems with in-laws, agreements that were made before or after the marriage, marriage debts, and many more.

Problems That Come Together with Divorce

During marriage, many people make very important decisions that have a huge impact on the relationship; like buying a house or car, or having children. These decisions are usually made without thinking about the future, and when it comes to dissolving the marriage, such past decisions make the divorce process in chaos. That is why you should always consider:

Spousal Support

Spousal support provides that the higher earning party (either the husband or the wife) makes a monthly payment to the other party, the amount and timing of which is determined by a Judge who takes into account a variety of factors in making the determination. Spousal support is not mandatory, but in many cases the California court can order it; and it is different from Child Support.

Child Support

If there are children involved in the divorce, conceived in or out of wedlock, the Judge may order that one of the parties must provide the other with a certain amount of money on a monthly basis for the care of the children.

Seek Help

To make your divorce process as less complicated as possible and you can dissolve your marriage quickly and efficiently, Rikisha D. Thomas & Robert Doble offer you their legal advice and care services. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. If you want to start your divorce process or need help to continue with your existing divorce, do not hesitate to call us or come to our office to make an appointment.

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